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Searching for Answers?

Need to make changes? Not sure where to begin?​ 

Open Doors Coaching Services can help. 

By working with Dan Silver, a seasoned coach with years

of on-the-job experience and success, you can find the vision, energy,

and confidence to make the changes you are longing for. All that is

required is the courage to open the door and walk through.  

Open Doors Coaching gets you there.

Why Coaching?

Coaches work with clients to understand

their needs, desires, values and skills, and provide

the guidance and support that enables their clients

to make meaningful changes in their lives.

If you feel you’re forever chasing goals

but not achieving them; if you feel ‘stuck’ in

an untenable situation either at work or at home;

or if you just long to feel more empowered in your life ...

coaching can help you stop chasing goals,

and start achieving them. 


Why Work with Dan?

With over 30 years of international business experience,

Dan Silver has led a variety of teams, and has earned praise for

his collaborative and inspiring leadership style. He received his coaching certification from the New York Learning Center’s “Coaching for Transformation” program, and for the past five years has been working with clients on both personal and professional change. 

Dan’s combination of open conversation, empowering questions, humor, and intentional listening skills has been cited by clients as being vital to helping them unlock their true potential. 

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"Dan uses value-based techniques
that allowed a full understanding
of my thought patterns."
"Dan was solidly in my corner
and I felt our sessions were lively,
thoughtful, and never scripted."
"Dan helped me really see things differently, and find myself in ways
I had been unable to previously. 
"What I appreciated most about Dan
was his follow up ... and getting me to
stick to commitments." 

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